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Joining Instructions

Discussion in 'Brands Indy 2 December 2019' started by john dignan, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. john dignan

    john dignan Committee Member

    Hi Everyone,

    Attached is the event guide plus appendices and indemnity forms for our Track Day at Brands Hatch on Monday 2nd December 2019. These documents contain all you need to know before you arrive, about the organisation of the day.

    Sign-on begins at 07:30 and the driver briefing begins at 08:30 prompt. Both are in the race control tower on the inside of the circuit. There is a tunnel under the track to bring your car through; the entrance is at the top of the outside paddock. There may also be a gate open early on to cross the track. Please arrive at the circuit in good time as the timings between start of sign on and the briefing are tight, you also have to do the noise test. (However it only opens at 08:00 and please give way to Lotus cars as they are out on track before any MGs). If you arrive after the briefing has started you will have to wait for sign on and a briefing and you may well miss your first session. The gates into Brands Hatch will be open by 07:00. I will be at signing on and will hand you an envelope with your details on the front. Inside the envelope will be your car number sticker (goes on the right hand door) and your session coloured sticker (goes on the top nearside of the windscreen). If you are a novice you will have an ‘N’ sticker which goes on the rear of the car so that following cars can easily see it. I will check your indemnity form and then you will proceed to the MSV desk and produce the MSV indemnity form, your driving licence for checking and receive your drivers wrist band, coloured according to session.


    You can help speed up sign-on considerably and reduce queuing time if you print out and complete the indemnity forms. Both the MGoT indemnity form and the Circuit’s MSV indemnity form are PDF attachments.
    You must have one of each type of indemnity form for every driver and passenger

    Please don't forget your full licence, every driver has to produce their licence at the sign on, passengers do not need to fill in their licence details on the indemnity or produce it at sign on. All cars must be road legal, on road tyres, and conform to current MOT standards where relevant, unless you have agreed otherwise with the MGoT committee in advance.

    There are 3 sessions, one for MSV cars and two for MGoT cars, our MGoT sessions are:

    Red sessions at 09:20, 10.20, 11.20, 13 .20, 14.20 and 15.20
    Green sessions at 09:40, 10.40, 11.40, 13 .40, 14.40 and 15.40

    Please be aware of your session and start time, it is the driver’s responsibility to be in the pit lane in time for the start of their sessions.
    The list of participants and sessions is in Appendix C attached to this e-mail.

    The session list also shows the pre-bookings for instruction and helmet hire. Please check that these are correct.

    Please feel free to email me at mg2000@btinternet.com or call me on my mobile 07802 492559 with any questions up until 10pm Friday evening. After that I shall be travelling and only available on the mobile or possibly on my mobile email mgdignan@gmail.com .

    I hope you all have a great day. Hopefully with the sunny forecast for Monday, the last session of the day will be able to run all the way to 16.00. If not, we will combine the final two MGoT sessions for 15.20 to 15.40. It worked last year for the 15 cars that were still hanging on to the very end.

    With best regards,

    John Dignan


    (Event Manager for Brands Hatch)

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  2. john dignan

    john dignan Committee Member

    One additional file - the MSV Indemnity Form

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