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In car or any photos/videos of day

Discussion in 'Donington - Mon 5th Oct 2015' started by Ruth, Oct 6, 2015.

  1. Ruth

    Ruth Junior Member

    Does anyone have any track pics of my mg as my in car video didn't record.:(
    I bought my photos from extreme but wondered if anyone else had anything as I forgot to take any of mine.
    I was in the Red n Black TF.
  2. Trevor Leighton

    Trevor Leighton Senior Member

    Donnington Track-Day. Pic's.

    Hi Ruth, if your car was (reg no. X4 OWER) I have 4 photo's that I took on the morning sessions, but afraid they are not that brilliant due to the weather and restricted viewing through the fence. But if you would like them just send me your E-mail address and I will forward them on to you. Hope you enjoyed yesterday. My E-mail address is, ( t.leighton@ntlworld.com )

    Cheers Trevor.

    JOHNDQ Active Member

    As I couldn't make it due to car problems again I would like to see any pictures and videos :D
  4. Rich

    Rich Active Member

    Big Thanks

    Well done to the committee and those who organised yet another fantastic track day, especially as it dried out for the afternoon session.

    I severely abused my 'B' and was quite surprised it got me all the way home without missing a beat! :)

    Really looking forward to Goodwood. :D :D


  5. Paul

    Paul Active Member

    excellent track day

    My thanks to all for another excellent track day,
    It was the first chance I have had to even drive my MGF brought a few of months ago.
    I had a number of minor jobs to do on it since purchase but I was fairly confident the engine and chassis were in good order, I wasn’t disappointed the car was 100% reliable all day at Donnington.

    I believe it has been a race car all of its life, I would like to find some of its race history so it would be great if anyone recognises this car from the past. There are two scrutineering stickers attached to the roll cage, both from earlier this year. Car51 Ian Smythe from Oulton Park in April and the last owner Hen Sharpe car64 from Cadwell in May. But I don’t have any info prior to that.

    I have attached a recent photo from Donington, by kind permission of Xtreme Sports Photography. DSC_9829 small.jpg
    (It looks like it used to be a darker shade of orange.)

    I have also attached a photo of the engine number to ask if anyone knows an engine builder that uses such an unusual ID. I am looking into the possibility of getting it road registered so it can be driven to events, but apart from the strange engine number there is no Vin Plate & the stamped on vin number indicates 120BHP type Chassis although this has a VVC engine. I may have to go down the IVA route.
    IMG_2662 small.jpg

    Thanks again, Paul. :)

    ….Link to a clip filmed with my go-pro during one of the damp morning sessions.. credit to the F that I got away with it after taking Redgate a bit too fast on the second lap! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=re2Vmuhm9BQ
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2015

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