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Hope you have good day

Discussion in 'Bedford 26 Jan 2019' started by JOHNDQ, Jan 14, 2019.


    JOHNDQ Active Member

    Just wishing everyone doing this a good day at my local track, unfortunately won't be able to make this one due to work commitments (again) but will definitely be at cadwell or snetterton .Hope to see some pictures and videos of the day
  2. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    Sorry you can't make it but a good showing of MGs. I make it 11 at the moment, looking at the LoT website. It is going to be cold but hopefully above freezing!

    We are back in March with 2 sessions dedicated to MGoT on an MSV day so maybe that will work for you, otherwisw see you at Cadwell or Snett.

    JOHNDQ Active Member

    That's good hope to see some pictures and videos. Be Snetterton for me I think as I couldn't make this one going to Bedford with javelin trackdays next month to try out the coilovers
  4. mgbjohn

    mgbjohn MGoT Committee Member

    Despite the cold damp weather I enjoyed a great day on Monday. Track surface was very good. The circuit is long, some 4.2 miles, but flows really well, requires a lot concentration to remember what is coming next. OPL worked very well. The only time that all 40 cars were on the circuit was for the sighting laps. OPL works well for LoT, they do not have the range of cars and driver ability that we have and encourage at MGoT.
    I booked instruction with Mak Woodhead and as always really worth doing.
    Looking forward to going again in March.

    JOHNDQ Active Member

    I think one of the reasons it's hard to remember Bedford is because it's anti-clockwise and that as it's so flat there no landmarks to reference

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