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Discussion in 'General' started by Doug Palmer, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Doug Palmer

    Doug Palmer Junior Member

    Hi everyone,

    Recently returned to MG ownership after a (very) small break although new car is nothing like the many road cars we've had over the years..
    Thought I'd sign up and introduce ourselves.
    Looking to attend a few events and see what she's capable of. Built for HRCR clubmans events and may need some more mods for use on track.


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  2. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Hello Doug and welcome to MGs-on-Track.
    A lovely looking car - more than ready for a track day I would think. Many of our members run standard road cars, enjoying their days without modifications. We look forward to seeing you perhaps at Castle Combe or Goodwood which would be the nearer, upcoming days for you. However, if you don't mind overnight stops around the track day, then I can thoroughly recommend both Donington and Anglesey, with the latter providing a lovely drive through Snowdonia as a bonus! There's usually a gathering for dinner at a local hostelry the night before a track day, so it's also a chance to meet up and chat with other MGoT members.
    Hope to see you out on track soon,
  3. Doug Palmer

    Doug Palmer Junior Member

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the welcome, the car was previously used for historic rallying and set up for mild use so would be great to see what it can do on track.

    We're taking it to Wiscombe in September so I'm not sure we would make it to Castle Combe on the Monday, a track I'd like to visit though. The following events would be of interest and Goodwood would be brilliant.
  4. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Goodwood is a great experience given the history and ambience of the circuit. It's also quite different in that we only have 10 cars on track at once because of the noise limits, so that means 4 sessions of 15 mins per hour instead of the usual 3 sessions of 20 mins per hour. Noise testing is something to be aware of by the way, as Goodwood is a very strict 98dB with a static test before you go on track. Personally, I prefer Donington or Anglesey even if they are less charismatic. The reason? They are very definitely not flat! The variation of up and down with corners is so challenging. I'm not a fan of out and out speed and Goodwood is a very fast (read scary) circuit. The more technical challenges of twisty up and down is more fun for me. Of course, different people enjoy different things. Anyway, I'm confident that whichever circuit you choose to make your MGs-on-Track debut in will be a great, fun-packed day out. Makwe your choice and book it now!

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