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Growlers Last Chance.

Discussion in 'Non-Track events' started by Gary&BVZ, Apr 15, 2008.

  1. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    As I said before ,Growler my MGB , MUST be sold before end April or be put out to grass in a field somewhere :eek: . So freeing up my garage ....:D
    Now advertisd on Ebay for 6 days with pretty pictures taken last week:cool: .
    Just thought I would let you know that there is a bargain around ....
  2. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    No ..no Regrets ...

    In the words of Edith Piaf , I have NO REGRETS in selling Growler to his new French owner ...:p

    Obviously he was worth more in France than in England ...:(

    Seems a shame that after being rebuilt , and spending a time in the Ascension Islands , now he has to learn a new language and adapt to a different life style ...
    C'est la vie I suppose .....

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