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Great day!

Discussion in 'Castle Combe 7th September 2020' started by AndrewSmith56, Sep 8, 2020.

  1. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Active Member

    Thanks for a great day, John R! Looked like a great turn out to me, and everyone I talked to enjoyed the event. Once again we had changes in the weather, dry in the morning, and wet-ish in the afternoon. It meant that the open pit lane in the afternoon was pretty much open access, and more track time (for those of us that only had one set of tyres, perhaps?), as the numbers dropped. I really like CC as a track, and does feel like "home" to me.
    Thanks also to the CC staff, who have done a sterling job with the Covid regulations, and yet ensuring that it is still a friendly place to be! And once again thanks to the Marshals, for their (largely unseen) dedication and care.
  2. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    It was indeed a geat day out. With the weather change I made an early exit for home. For those of you who know my car you can appreciate that a 170 mile home trip
    after a busy day on track is not a pleasant experience. The bonus comes next month for me. Donington is about a 20 minute drive for me on a good day.
    I took a few paddock pics before i left. Nothing special but the do showwhat a pleasant place Combe if for a track day out. DSCF7788.JPG DSCF7789.JPG DSCF7791.JPG DSCF7792.JPG DSCF7793.JPG
  3. mcridexe

    mcridexe Junior Member

    Yes, a very enjoyable day, well done!

    But sadly my ZS180 (Blue Mk2) didn’t make it home. The engine seized on the M5 near Taunton after un-announced loss of coolant! It was going so well too.
    I hope everyone else had a good journey home.
    If anyone wants a winter project...you know who to call!
  4. Martin Holmes

    Martin Holmes MGoT Committee Member

    Hi Martin,

    On behalf of the committee we are very sorry to hear your news and you do seem to have been very unlucky in not having any warning at all. Until that infuriating end to your day I hope you enjoyed the day but that won't make up for the cost and frustration of a seized engine of course. We hope to see you back on track again soon but in the meantime thank you for supporting MGs on Track and you will receive a warm welcome when the project is complete!

    Best wishes,

    Martin Holmes
    Committee Member
  5. mcridexe

    mcridexe Junior Member

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.

    Actually I was considering selling the car anyway and concentrating on my RV8 which needs some work so maybe my decision has been forced?

    Not sure if I will be back at any track days in the near future but I will say I have enjoyed them since 2014 so thanks to all.
  6. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver MGoT Committee Member

    It was another great day and good to get back to CC after 3 years, a shame about the wet stuff but such is life

    Sorry to hear that your engine seized on the way home which no doubt rather spoilt what had hopefully been an otherwise good day out. Good luck with the RV8 project and it would be good to see another V8 on the track, I think there were 4 at CC including our own, not a bad turn out

    Thanks to John R for organising the day and to Peter M for the photos

    Maybe see some of you at Donington if Covid doesn't cancel it :(

  7. nh627

    nh627 Junior Member

    Echoe the thoughts on the unfortunate end of the return journey. I left earlier as the car refused to start after the lunchtime session but worked fine all the way home and infuriatingly started easily once home! A great day and a credit to all who organised and attended. Look forwards to next year for another blast . Thanks once again.
  8. Kevin Neal

    Kevin Neal Junior Member

    Thank you Duncan for arranging the meal and everyone being so friendly to my son and I.
    I really liked that Blue ZS and such a shame what happened and surely must be saved as it's in such good nick.
    When I first started track days there were plenty of MG Montego about but you never see one now and sadly I think the ZS will eventually go the same way.
  9. John Holt

    John Holt Junior Member

    Sorry to hear the demise of another ZS after another great track day at CC arranged by John ,it is always good to see other ZS cars as I agree they are getting a bit thin in numbers, and I agree and hope it gets saved, the mk2 belonging to Martin looked very nice in blue and
    In great condition ,good luck Martin with your v8. I look forward to seeing you all on future track days
  10. mcridexe

    mcridexe Junior Member

    Sadly it turned out to be cambelt failure probably from the belt tensioner or water pump which may not have been changed by the previous owner when the belts were renewed a few years ago. All that clattering at 70mph on the motorway was the valves hitting the pistons!!
    It has now been bought by a local lad, in Devon, who will be saving it with a replacement V6 engine. So you may see it again somewhere!

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