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Great day

Discussion in 'Brands Hatch - Mon 3rd Dec 2012' started by Dave Clark, Dec 3, 2012.

  1. Dave Clark

    Dave Clark Junior Member

    Just wanted to say thanks to all those who organised the event and made the day so enjoyable. I completely enjoyed my day and it went with no glitches. Although it was wet (as all my last few trackdays have been!!) it has probably gone down as my most memorable trackday. I've been on quiet a few trackdays (not all with MGoT) but the competitors, the atmosphere and session organisation was spot on!!

    Such a great day!

    I've taken around 300 photos but I'm not home for a week and althought I brought the camera away, I forgot the cable to download them! Oops!
  2. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Thanks Dave

    A special thanks to Paul Bryson for his most excellent work both in the pit lane and in sorting out all those minor glitches that go on behind the scenes.
  3. McCourtie

    McCourtie Junior Member

    Great Day Indeed

    Thanks to all involved - my fourth day with you and my first wet track! Brilliant time had by me and new co-driver Dave Downing. Thank goodness for front wheel drive! Managed to stay on the black stuff and avoid those of you who took the ballet reference in the briefing a little too literally by gently pirouetting in front of us! ;) Hope all drivers and machinery none the worse for the adventures.

    Looking forward to joining you again in 2013.

    Dave Miller
    Red ZR TD
  4. Beaujolais

    Beaujolais Guest

    Really enjoyed the day, even the wet track, which made you concentrate! Particularly as it was my first outing in the TF. Good to catch up with old friends and, as I do at every track day, made some new ones. To top the end of a great year I logged on when I got home to find the timetable for next year. Snetterton in the summer - can't wait.

    A big thank you to the MGoT Committee. Another great year.

    Have a good Christmas and Happy New Year to all.


    ps I was in the TF on Monday not the Green MGB.
  5. David1946

    David1946 Junior Member

    Thanks to all who organised the event. It was a really good day, in spite of, or because of, the weather!
    I know these days do not happen on their own and a great deal of work is put in by the organisers. It really is appreciated.
    I look forward to 2013 and starting at Goodwood.
  6. Rich

    Rich Active Member

    My second outing with MGoT and again I had the best fun ever. Very many thanks to all the commitee and helpers for all the work put in to make these enjoyable days possible. What a friendly bunch the members are as well which enhances the experience.

    Looking forward to more fun days next year :D

    Merry Christmas to all,


    Richard Pipe.
  7. Dave Clark

    Dave Clark Junior Member

    Little question - I've got 150 photos from Brands Hatch to upload to the gallery. Is there a way to upload them without doing them one by one? On other forums when you upload things you can press SHIFT or CTRL and select more than one photo but I cant seem to do it? If I have to do it one-by-one I will - but it'll just take a while!! Any ideas?
  8. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Hi Dave

    Sorry, our forum and gallery is creaking a bit these days but we are in the process of developing new website which will have new forum and gallery software.

    You can upload compressed zip files containing as many photos as you can get into a 2 MB file. - Not a lot but it helps a bit.

    Look forward to seeing your photos.

    Last edited: Dec 10, 2012

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