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Great day, Thank's

Discussion in 'Brands Beginner evening - 17th July' started by dandpaircon, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. dandpaircon

    dandpaircon Junior Member

    Our first time at one of these and we enjoyed every moment of it!
    Sorry to the green mgb that we showed our front to. over cooked that one.
    forest boy do you get time to drive which all those quality pictures that you take at these meets?
    Anyway 10 out of 10 for your pictures sir, and to the people who arrange these spendid meets
    thank you
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2007
  2. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    My Pleasure!

    Started to upload the picks, more to follow later today, including a special one of Stu showing us all how he wards off the rain showers?

    As Dave said to somebody else earlier in the evening, we are not allowed to drive novice days. We are all green with envy, especially when everybody comes in with such big grins on their faces:D .

    So we hope you all enjoyed yourselves so much that it won't be long before we see you out for a full day..................They are a little less hectic, usually 40 minutes between sessions, so time for a pee :mad: and a refreshing cuppa;)
  3. Steve Hill

    Steve Hill MGoT Founder Member

    Hi Martin

    Just seen the gallery, fantastic shots, well done and thanks for getting them uploaded so quickly!

    Great job! :)
  4. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    You little tinker you ! :D Give away my trade secret and there will be a special rain cloud that follows your car around !! I didn't go to hogwarts for nothing you know:p

    Cracking shots in the gallery though ! I love the one of the midg passing the TC on the pit straight..

    Nice one !!

    Stu :D (and as already mentioned i sooooo wanted to go out and play !!)
  5. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    All pictures now in gallery

    Thats not what you called me yesterday:eek:

    Ok folks the best of my pictures now in gallery. If anybody would like any copies e-mail me at mlkcharles@aol.com
    If you let me know the picture number/caption, your car and reg, in case it is in a group shot because I took 400 pictures last night, I'll see what I can find amongst that lot of your car.

    Hope I caught everyone, but ones never sure and please accept my sincere apologies if I missed anyone:eek:

    I was asked to capture some images that are more than just cars wizzing around the track, haven't put too many up, but would like to know what you think of them. i.e are they interesting or not :confused:

    So catch up with some of you again at North Weald:D
    Oh deep joy, virtually a complete circuit of the M25 after a long day on a Bank Holiday Friday tea time to get home:mad: I can hardly wait:p

  6. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    Damn! I forgot about this - I was going to drop by for a natter, etc. Hope you all had a good time!
  7. Muttley

    Muttley Junior Member

    Thanks from me as well

    Thank you to all who arrange these events, very well run and a credit to you. The photographs are great and have helped put the silly grin back on my face that I had for most of yesterday. I wonder what Paddock Hill Bend feels like in something really quick? Driving standards seemed good to me so thanks to all the drivers as well for not making the nerves even worse.
  8. David1946

    David1946 Junior Member

    Great Event

    Thanks to everyone who organised the Brands Hatch event. I thoroughly enjoyed, even if the car is suffering a bit today. I think its got a hangover! It is not used to such treatment.
    The pictures are great and are a good record.

    Thanks again
  9. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Is it mine?

    Hi Stu,
    you sure that is my shot:confused:

    Lodgey 77 has posted a much better one of them on the end of Clearways,
    I think:confused:

    P.S. Want your own personal copy of the Sundance King;)

  10. lodgey77

    lodgey77 Junior Member

    Hi all just wanted to say what a great day it was very well organised its just a shame I only got to runs before my engine started to play up thankfully its not the rings it seems to be a problem with the breathers so I may put the SU's back on! One little complaint I have is to the driver of the BGT who was neck and neck with me on the straights but was a lot slower around the bends I slowed down 2 times and caught you up but you still didn't pull over! but overal a well organised and fun day.
    Ps the pic of the TC was taken by my dad I will pass on the message to him considering I gave him a 30sec camera lesson he seemed to do pretty well also I like the pit lane shots it gives a more personal feel to the day.
  11. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    ... I also forgot that Paul (D&P Aircon) was going to this.

    We use Paul for aircon work at Executive Motoring Services :D

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