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Goodwood track day - disappointed

Discussion in 'Goodwood 26th February 2011' started by gpeters, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. gpeters

    gpeters Junior Member


    I am very dissapointed.

    As an MGOC member I have supported and taken part in the Goodwood track day for many years and made many friends at this event. I always look forward to the announcement in the MGOC monthly magazine. I noticed this in thos months addition of Enjoying MG and contacted Andy Harris asap. Then realised it was MGs on Track that taking over the organising only to find it fully booked. I would have expected (as with other organisors) that loyal supporters and participants of these events would be invited to take part.

    Goodwood is my local circuit and as a GRRC member also, I love driving this track both for fun on a track day and competitively.

    I would welcome comments on this situation.

    Kind regards
    Graham :confused:
  2. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Hi Graham

    Sorry you missed out on the Feb Goodwood.

    I think Andy felt unable to run the traditional MGOC Goodwood event this year.

    Whilst it's not entirely a coincidence that MGCC - MGs on Track have a day there at this time of year, it is, in theory, a separate event. We did however try to publicise it with the MGOC Goodwood regulars.

    As with all our track days, spectators and passengers are free. You are most welcome to come along (with your helmet) and try to blag a few rides. Andy will also be running the lunch time parade laps

    Now you have registered here, you will get email newsletters of all our events as they open for booking. You will find that many of our events book up quite quickly.

    We will be returning to Goodwood 31st October this year.

    Hope to see you on track some time

  3. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Graham,
    I understand your disappointment but I will explain the situation from an MGoT point of view as it developed.
    1. I was told by Goodwood a date would probably be available to us in February as Andy Harris of Chichester MGOC was probably not taking his traditional early date. I said I would talk to Andy to check as I know him personally.
    2. Andy confirmed he was not going to run his day, so I said we would take Goodwood's offer. Would he like to be involved, he said he didn't wish to take a session, but HE would circulate the date around his regulars and if it was possible he would like to do a parade lap at lunch time.
    3. I told Andy that the event was booked and the date, that his MGOC members would need to register, how to register and the day the event would open for sale.
    4. Andy sent me his advert copy for EMG, I had to correct the date, I reminded him about the day the event was going on sale and that he would need to contact his past participants.
    5. I have a confirmation e-mail from Andy Harris that he had sent an e-mail to his regular February Goodwood attendees on 30/11/10 @ 11:07hrs.
    6. On the 14/12/10 I e-mailed Andy to let him know 50% of the places had sold in 24hrs, the list of who had booked so far and that did he want to send another e-mail to his regulars to let them know it was selling fast. Andy replied on the 14/12/10 @ 09:42hrs, of the 20 places sold 7 were regulars at his past event, he didn't want to send reminder e-mails as he'd sent two about the event the week before. He was happy with the situation even though I did warn him it looked as though it would sell out before EMG landed on door mats at the begining of January.
    7. We have no idea who has participated in Andy's past events, so it had to be down to him to contact those people.

    I think we at MGoT did all we could to try and make sure Andy had the information needed to send to his past participants so they could take part in the day. We did not hi-jack Andy's event, once offered to us by Goodwood as I said, we tried to help make it all inclusive. This was largely to try and encourage MGOC members involvement, especailly as we are the official track day partner to MGOC.

    I hope the answer is a full explanation of MGs-on-Track involvement in trying to make it inclusive to Andy's past participants. We could of course have just taken Goodwood's offer and said nothing to Andy and just promoted it as any other MGoT track day.

    I do hope that now you are registered and will receive newsletter/newflash notifications of our events going on sale, that we can very soon welcome you to one of our track days.
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2011
  4. gpeters

    gpeters Junior Member

    Many thanks to you all for your very prompt and detailed replys.

    I have e-mailed Martin (see below) and as you will see, I am still ennthusiastic in respects to driving with you at Goodwood and hopefully, else where.

    Dear Martin

    Many thanks for your prompt reply and explanation of the history leading up to this. I have a full understanding of the whole situation and will certainly be better informed for the future.
    I have searched my e-mails but can see no e-mail from Andy during November. Hay-ho!

    I would very much like to join the 'reserve list' for the 26th February and certainly hope to use your services in the future. I would be obliged if you could pass on my request to the day manager.

    Best regards

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