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First Timer

Discussion in 'North Weald - 24th August' started by jan, Aug 21, 2007.

  1. jan

    jan Junior Member

    North Weald will be my first experience of anything like an activity day. Is there anything in particular i need to know or to bring? Do i need to show driving licence, mot etc?

    Also, any tips for a slightly nervous/apprehensive noob?

  2. Steve Hill

    Steve Hill MGoT Founder Member

    Hi Jan

    Our Activity Day at North Weald is not a trackday so the requirements are different.

    You will not need a helmet and we do not need to check your license or MOT.

    You should give you car a check over, coolant, oil, tyres (tread and pressure), wheelnuts and brakes, just to avoid any potential problems on the day.

    The format consists of a series of controlled activities that are aimed at testing both driver and car. There are plenty of rests in between and unlike a trackday the demands on the car are much less.

    I'm sure that you will have great day. :)
  3. Stu

    Stu Senior Member

    A bag of jelly babys to bribe the staff ;):D
  4. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Welcome On Board

    Hi Jan,

    Its OK to be slightly apprehensive, every one is. But you'll have a great time, you only have to go at your own pace and it will build up during the day.

    This time last year my daughter, Kayleigh 19, came along and drove my MGB GT, thing is she had never even sat in the drivers seat before let alone driven the car. :eek: She loved every minute and is confirmed track day nut now ;)

    I guarentee your smile will be bigger than even Stu's if you bring him the Jelly Baby's :D

  5. jan

    jan Junior Member

    Cheers guys

    I'll see you Friday - with jelly babies if i don't eat them all on the way!!!

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