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Event guide gone out

Discussion in 'Mallory Park - 27th November' started by Martin C, Nov 21, 2010.

  1. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Hi everyone,

    Please find attached the final instructions for Saturday's track day at Mallory Park, it is important you read them thoroughly.

    The day is being organised by Lotus on Track and but there is a MGoT indemnity form in the guide. It will speed things up at sign-on if you could please print this off, complete it and bring it with you to sign-on. One for every driver and passenger please.

    A few points that should be highlighted…

    Driving license – Don’t forget that you need to bring your full driving license. This includes both parts on plastic credit card style licenses.

    Circuit access – For those who haven’t visited Mallory before access to the paddock is across the circuit. When you arrive in the morning you will be taken down the circuit, it’s important you turn into the paddock where instructed. PLEASE do not proceed to do a full lap of the circuit! If you have to leave at any point during the day you will be directed across the circuit at a suitable time. Full instructions on this will be given in the briefing. Because of the access restrictions to/from the paddock it would be wise to ensure you have enough fuel to last the whole morning.

    Participants list, Please look at this and make sure any extras, instruction/helmet, are listed.

    If you have ANY problems during the event please see Pete Smith who is the Ops Manager running the day for LoT or Martin Holmes who is the committee representative at the event.

    Martin Charles,
    Chairman, MGoT

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