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dave - it's brands not brighton

Discussion in 'Brands - 3rd February' started by calypsoelise, Feb 3, 2007.

  1. calypsoelise

    calypsoelise Junior Member

    good to see you all again today..

    now did you turn up the trousers just for the beach?




    Last edited: Feb 3, 2007
  2. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    I wondered how long it would take for these pics to appear :eek: Actually Paul, you were beaten by about 43mins, but then Tim only dared post one of them in the committee forum!
  3. calypsoelise

    calypsoelise Junior Member

    lol... makes a change from it being me... my last 3 trips to brands have resulted in either a breakdown or spins;)

    tim, bottler...
  4. v8dave

    v8dave Active Member

    It is the first time I've seen Dave leave the track and given all the distractions he and the other committee members have running these bays I'm impressed. Lets hope he has got it out of his system now and it will be another three years before a repeat.

  5. norman

    norman Active Member

    Other Photos now in the Gallery

    As usual, the pics are now in the gallery. Lots of duplications but I didn't spend a lot of time selecting the best from the day.

    Enjoy :)
  6. Bigfoot MGF

    Bigfoot MGF Active Member

    Never mind Dave Rob Bell went in the Gravel as well!:eek:
    I Had A great day thanks for all your organising and hope to see you all again soon

  7. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    LOL - I'm not worried. Two trips to the gravel in four and a half years is a reasonable record I feel

    Oh and I should mention, so as not to scare off any newbies, that the experience caused no damage to car or ego :)
  8. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    LMAO at the title :D even before I'd opened the post. Bad luck Dave, it happens to the best.

    But seriously - Thanks to you and the rest of the committee for organising an absolutely superb day. Great weather, fantastic track and realy nice group of peeps.

    Looking forward to next time.
  9. Richard Wale

    Richard Wale Junior Member

    Thanks to Dave and all the organisers for an excellent day at Brands (not Brighton, despite appearances sometimes!) yesterday. As usual superbly organised, even though Group C seemed to cop for the most 'offs' and shortened sessions (including some rather mean end of session timing - or was it me just wanting more?), but very enjoyable all the same.

    Had an instruction slot for each of our first sessions; my first time around Brands, Julian, my son had only done one previous track day, and the lines are not always that obvious.

    Just to cap it, the weather was abolutely glorious - 'a perfect day'!
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2007
  10. Stu

    Stu Senior Member


    I can only echo the comments above, a fabulous day and a superb start to the 2007 season even if a couple of the committee members had a few embarrassing moments:eek:

    Maybe we should do a 'hamster' and never mention it again ! :D

    But then again .....:rolleyes:

  11. Chrisg

    Chrisg Junior Member

    Just wanted to say, I had a fantastic time on my first track day. It was a really well organised day, thanks to all those involved with the running of the day. I had great fun and I can't wait until Silverstone
  12. birdy

    birdy Junior Member

    Thanks for letting me and my black Smart Roadster on the Track day. A great day out, well organised by your lot. Good to see similar performance cars running in C group. Glad I wasn't in the B group- those Elises were something else!
  13. Jon

    Jon Junior Member

    Thanks Dave for another good day out....

    .....and, as the almost slowest in Class C, apologies for holding people up. Those behind must have been all too aware that it was a £50 Metro in front and in the way! Thanks all for your patience.
  14. FRY

    FRY Junior Member

    Now that was a class title for the thread, I LoL on that one.

    Yes, another vote in the cracking day category - thanks to all those who worked in the background to make it another successful day and all those in attendance.

    Jon, I really enjoyed seeing your Metro on the smallest tyre contact patch I have ever seen as you pushed it through the corners. You could tell you were enjoying your 50 quids worth which is what it is all about.

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