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Croft Photo's

Discussion in 'Croft - 22nd July 2011' started by Trevor Leighton, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. Trevor Leighton

    Trevor Leighton Senior Member

    I have downloaded some photo's from Fridays Track Day at Croft, and I'm sure Martin Charles will be downloading a few more as I kept seeing him out with his camera.
    I must also thank Martin Charles for helping to run the day, which I thought went brilliantly. The weather was kind to us after nearly 10 days of thunderstorms, and the track etiquette was very good considering the session was mixed from first timers to experienced, and everybody I spoke to said that they had had a fantastic day.
    Sadly I feel that this could have been our last trip to Croft as some people seem to think that it's too far North, which is a shame because it's a brilliant circuit with a mixture of everything from hairpins to fast technical sections that if you get right give you a fantastic buzz.:D

    Cheers Folks. Trevor.:) :)
  2. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi Trevor,
    Great pictures mate as always :D and yes I'm just sorting a few now from 300 plus I took.

    Once again it was a pleasure to come and run a day and see everybody go home with huge grins, even the only casualty, Simon Turton in the little white Midget whose head gasket blew at the end of the day. He was one of 5 first timers on the day and even he couldn't stop telling me, although the car had died, he had such a brilliant day, I heard the same from the other 4 as well.

    You are right it is a long way for us Southern Softies :p a round trip of 632 miles for me from Southampton. But after you gave me a spin round in your lovely 'F' I can echo your thoughts. A circuit that flows, has tremendous high speed challenges on the second third of the lap and very technical sections. I can see why all the previous committee members I've spoken to have raved about the place. I also liked the friendly nature of the place, it reminds me very much of Castle Combe in the way the day is run.
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  3. ple999

    ple999 Junior Member

    Croft 22 July

    Hi Trevor

    To echo Martins comments great pictures, thanks.

    As you said Croft is a great Circuit, my first visit, and i will certainly be back if we have another day there. Gives both fast flowing sections out the back and tight technical parts at the end of the lap. Get it all right and it feels great.

    Philip Espinasse
    Blue 24
  4. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    I've added a few of the pictures I took to the gallery now. If anybody would like hi-res copies of any then please send me a PM with the picture number and an e-mail address and I'll get them to you as soon as I can.
  5. Trevor Leighton

    Trevor Leighton Senior Member

    Croft Photo's.

    Hi Martin,

    Brilliant photo's Martin you should take it up as a profession.:rolleyes:

    Seriously though they are very good.

    Cheers Trevor.:) :)
  6. Martin C

    Martin C Senior member

    Hi mate,
    You are too kind, it's not me though, it's the camera :cool:

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