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Congratulations John Binczyk

Discussion in 'Non-Track events' started by Martin C, Mar 25, 2008.

  1. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Many of you will know John and his MGF from previous years track days, red racing F with white hard top, usually found swapping places out on track with Stu Dickens :rolleyes:

    Well this year John has entered the MGCC Peter Best Challenge race series which had its first round at Donnington yesterday. I'm pleased to report that John and the F finished 9th overall and 1st in class in a very competitive race :D

    So well done John and keep it going, next round on the 17th of May at Oulton Park.


    P.S. Sorry I didn't get back to the pits too catch up with after the last race, but with a 3 hour+ drive back home I'm sure you understand. If you PM me your e-mail address I have some pictures.
  2. v8dave

    v8dave Active Member


    Next round of the Peter Best Insurance Challenge is actually at Mallory Park on the 27th April as part of the Aston Martin Owners Club race meeting.

    John managed to take class pole in practice, then in the race beat the lap record while chasing the holder Paul Rigg - unfortunately Paul when 0.08 of a second faster while trying not to get caught by John, but the pair where 2.7 seconds under Paul's old record.

    Further info is on the championship website at http://www.mgcc.co.uk/pbic


    Could we use your photos on the championship website?

  3. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Brain fade!

    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for correcting my mistake on the next round, don't know what I was thinking about:confused:

    I've sent you a PM about photo's

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  4. Ralph

    Ralph Active Member

    Well done, John! Best of luck in your future races.

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