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Bookings now open - beginners only!

Discussion in 'North Weald - 15th February' started by Dave, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. MartinBoast

    MartinBoast Active Member

    Booking Now Open!!


    Sorry, this event is currently full. Please feel free to add yourself as a provisional and if a space"

    I have had a look but could not book this before christmas would not accept my entry and now no link to adding a provisional list booking, HELP!

    Can a modorator look at this.

  2. MartinBoast

    MartinBoast Active Member

    Bookings now Open - Beginners only!!

    Sorted out my AVITAR, now.

    Can I attend and watch on Sunday 15th Feb if I do not get a place?
  3. Stu

    Stu Senior Member


    I'm sure Dave L will read this post and add you to the list..

    You could email him directly at dave@mgs-on-track.com

    Cheers Stu
  4. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Hi Martin,

    I've added you to the reserve list for North Weald in Feb. There is just one other person in front of you - see the post from Stuart Wilson earlier in this thread. Can you email me a suitable contact number to dave@mgs-on-track.com so that I can reach you if something comes up. It is highly possible that there will be several cancellations before the day.

    If everyone does stay the course and there is no cancellation place for you please do come along anyway to watch. You'll be very welcome.

    Apologies for the website not allowing you to add to the reserve list. This is one of the problems we currently have and why we are redeveloping the booking system.


  5. penfold

    penfold Junior Member

    Reserve List-North Weald

    Hi Dave

    Just joined the forums today, very interested in the "Beginners Track Day." I would like to go regardless and watch if thats ok, but could you add me to the reserve list for North Weald in February please? Just in case.

    Regards Darren
  6. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Hi Darren and welcome to MGoT,

    I've added you to the reserve list for North Weald. It would be useful if you could give me a telephone contact number, as often I need to contact reserves at the last minute when email might be too slow. You can email me at dave@mgs-on-track.com.

    By the way, it's not a proper track day - more a driver training day that is a whole lot of fun. But, do come along anyway if you don't get a cancellation, as you can meet a whole bunch of people.


  7. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Welcome Darren

    If you don't get a place this time, watch out in the events section for another North Weald day we are likely to run mid 2009.
  8. penfold

    penfold Junior Member

    Hi Dave & Balrog

    Thanks for the response, have forwarded my contact number to you Dave. Yes I understand it's a training day, I have seen some clips also.

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