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Bedford - What a cracking circuit

Discussion in 'Bedford 11 March 2019' started by SlapHeadDiver, Mar 12, 2019.

  1. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Well I wasn't able to attend the January session thru LoT but my son Duncan and I were there yesterday. It was our first visit to the circuit and we had a fantastic time. A great circuit which kept you alert.... well most of the time for me, the ocassional 'brain fade' :)

    The weather as always helped.

    We are both hoping it will become a regular venue

    It was also nice that a handful of us were able to meet up the night before for a bite to eat, a beverage and a good natter. Thanks to all. Maybe something to try and promote to extend the experience?
  2. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Junior Member

    Another great day of fast driving!

    Good to meet up with everyone at the event, and have a beer at the hotel the evening before. As always, the event was very organised and well run, giving us all 30 minute sessions every hour.
    Bedford is such a good circuit, lovely long straights and tight turns, chicanes and hairpins. So much grip yesterday meant cornering got faster as confidence grew (in my case!).

    On the way home my brakes started grinding, so they will have to be changed but hopefully the discs are OK - will see at the weekend! Its a bit odd that we had sat the evening before and discussed how long brake pads last if you do trackdays - I know now - a whole lot less than on a road car!

    All part of the learning experience.
  3. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    Likewise, great evening company the night before and I finally got home at 2:30am. Spare alternator swapped in this morning and all working as it should again.

    Bedford, my first time there too and a great circuit. By the afternoon I felt I had worked out some bits reasonably well but there were still quite a few more to get right and therefore faster. We should definitely go back next year.

    Well, good time now to invest in some harder compound brakes - Mintex 1144 or EBC Yellowstuff both work well on F/TF's.
  4. Richard Wale

    Richard Wale Junior Member

    A very interesting day. After watching the link to the Autodrome video before we came, I found the lack of gradients and featureless surroundings rather off-putting, but after a couple of sessions began to understand the circuit more, and by the end of the day Julian and I were enjoying it very much more than we were initially expecting.

    Not sure about a single group, but can understand why MSV went for it - talking to one of their marshals, they rarely have 'sessions' for cars (the do for bikes), and their belief is that sessions 'oblige' people to do more track time than they would otherwise do with 'open pit lane'. Having done both over the years, I would agree with that belief. With OPL, the first 30-60 minutes are often busy/too busy, but after that you can usually pick a time that suits at least most people's requirements.

    The other thing that was different was the selection of cars in the MG's on Track group - there are usually a much greater spread of car speeds within the group. This time we were clearly the slowest, apart from the pre-war 'T', but by starting the session at the back of the group we got a couple of laps with a clear track, until being caught up by the likes of a certain Mustang engined beast, followed by a succession of other quick cars!

    The usual excellent organisation, so thanks to Dave Pearce for the day (and of course the weather gods).
  5. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Junior Member

    Richard ..... It was good to see your Minor - always lovely to see them, and reminds me of my Grandfather's "split-screen" version from a long time ago now. You must work hard to keep in such a marvellous condition. Hopefully we passed with care and consideration.

    JOHNDQ Active Member

    unfortuately i couldnt make any of the Bedford dates and Cadwell has sold out :eek: but got a video of my 93 Rover 214 at Bedford last mouth ;)


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