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Bedford 9th March

Discussion in 'Bedford 9th March 2020' started by JOHNDQ, Mar 23, 2020.


    JOHNDQ Active Member

    Sorry for late reply just a quick message to say hoe enjoyable i found my first trackday with MGoT. I would like to be on the Snetterton date in May if everything is back to normal :(

    [​IMG]IMG_8568[447] by John Quincey, on Flickr

    Also make a quick video :D

  2. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver MGoT Committee Member

    Morning John,
    As you well be advised soon from our newsletter it looks like track days for the time being are suspended. MSV have suspended unti Apr 30th for now as have Mallory. I suggest for now if you are not desperate for it I hold on to it as posting it to you maybe problematic and pricey too. If Snetterton does go ahead then I maybe there as our wroad trip to the Scottish Isles in mid May looks unlikely now.
    If you do want me to post it then please let me have you address and I'll get a cost for sending it. You can email directly MarkP@mgs-on-track.com
    Keep safe

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