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Bedford 09

Discussion in 'Bedford Autodrome - 14th February' started by fishert, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    I guess because strictly, it's not one of ours.
  2. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    No - I just forgot - sorry - fixed now - and I've copied this thread to it.
  3. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    Head Count

    so whats the latest head count for this event.
    a few brave, mad souls!!

    Well my car is still in bits and the w/ends are rapidly disappearing.
  4. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    Hi Tamsin ..Look forward to meeting up again at Bedford .
    Looks like you will have to book soon if you want to drive Silverstone ..
    I think 10 places have gone today ...

    I am off to Kenya tomorrow for a bit of sunshine so I can survive the freezing temps of Bedford in Feb ..:) :) :) :)

    For sure it was COLD last year ...:(:( :( :( :(

    I might try & cadge a ride with you if all is going well :D.
    Cheers Gary ....
  5. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    Gary, you're more than welcome to have a ride in the car.
  6. Jennie

    Jennie Active Member

    Hi Tamsin

    I've just had a quick look at the LoT site and there seem to be 7 MGs booked:

    Dick Owens
    Gary Dawson
    Gareth Evans
    David Pearce
    C Burton
    Me & Neil

    Be good to see you again - hope you get the car sorted!
  7. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    Jennie & Neil
    It will be good to see there. Its been a while!
  8. chrisburton84

    chrisburton84 Active Member

    Looking forward to meeting you all do we know how many lotus's there will be?
  9. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    last year it was a total of 100 cars and allowing 40 cars out on the track at any one time, but I believe they have reduced the numbers by 20% this year
  10. chrisburton84

    chrisburton84 Active Member

    Just so I know before I go, whats the rules on cameras on recording a lap as Ive seen plenty on youtube and was half hoping to do something for myself to annoy the other half with when I get back about how much fun I had. Any ideas?????
  11. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    Camera rules vary from place to place, I vaguely recall that Bedford was not too bad when we've done it before, quite often a disclaimer form is filled in on the day. I am sure you are aware that it can not be hand held, I think that is general rule for all venues. And some places are pickier than others about the quality of the mounts. As at silverstone one time they rejected our home made mount even though we had used it at other places with no problems.
    You could email LoT to see if they have camera rules for bedford. Or just bring the camera with you on the day anyway.
  12. Dave

    Dave MGoT President

    Tamsin's right - cameras have to be securely mounted and the mount will be checked before they allow you out on circuit. These days, I'd be surprised if you could get away with anything that was home-made. It's fair enough really - a camera is a lethal projectile if you are unfortunate enough to hit a barrier and it's probably your head that would be in the way :eek: Generally, these rules are getting more carefully enforced as time goes by. If you've got a proper mount, your best bet is to mention it when you sign-on and they will tell you whether you need to sign an additional indemnity and how to get the mount checked.

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