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Bedford 09

Discussion in 'Bedford Autodrome - 14th February' started by fishert, Dec 12, 2008.

  1. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    Anyone booked to do the Bedford trackday in Feb 2009, as I have booked
  2. JP12

    JP12 Active Member

    I would like to do it but I'm not sure my car will be ready in time. I will have to wait until the last minute and see if any places are left.

  3. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    Hi Tamsin ..I expect to be at Bedford again but have not booked yet ..I will check out the LOT site shortly ..

    Gary ...
  4. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    I'm booked ..

    Well I have booked for Bedford but dont know if it is on the 7th or the 14th Feb as the web pages give 2 different dates ...
    I have mailed Paul asking clarification ..

    Gary ...
  5. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    Its definitely the 14th (Valentines Day!!) as I asked the question to Paul & he said he was going to correct it. If you look on LoT events page its says the 14th.
    Was also able to book a 2nd driver with Paul G.
    The car is currently in bits so its a good incentive to get it back together in time.
  6. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    Thanks for the info ..
    I seem to remember you were upgrading your brakes last year ....What are you modding this year ?????

    Gary ...
  7. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    Did the big brake conversion last winter in time for Bedford. Worked a treat, with late braking and not fading.
    This winter the rear 5 link suspension geometry is being tweaked, a full roll cage being fitted before doing Bedford as I intend to do a few races with it next year. Hopefully after Bedford do an engine swap for a more powerful K that James (my other half) is building and give the car a fresh lick of paint.
  8. Gareth Evans

    Gareth Evans Active Member

    Im booked

    see you there
  9. Gary&BVZ

    Gary&BVZ Guest

    Gareth ...Look forward to meeting you at Bedford ..
    Has anyone else from MGoT booked ???
    I have Tamsin , Gary , Gareth and possibly Joe ..
    Wishing all MGoT members a Happy Xmas and trouble free New Year :) ...
    Cheers ..Gary & Dee ...
  10. chrisburton84

    chrisburton84 Active Member


    I've booked myself in for the session on the 14th at bedford I was hoping
    somebody could tell me what happens next will I be sent an email saying whats what as I've nothing showing in the upcoming events/booked events part of my profile or is this because its been done through lotus on track, i've had the paypal conformation saying i've paid so does that mean im in? Also whats the format of the day is it 'friendly' kind of day or is it a 'move out of my way first timer' kind of day.

  11. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    Yes, the Bedford Track Day is organised by Lotus on Track with an invite to MGoT members. You will have booked through their site so it doesn't show on the MGoT booking system.

    I've only been on track with Lotus a few times but they are generally faster than TFs so you will need to keep a keen eye on your mirror and let them past on the straights. Especially as its open pit lane and not sessioned beginner/intermediate /experienced as most MGoT events are ;)

  12. chrisburton84

    chrisburton84 Active Member

    I've been to the Nurburgring four times now would it be safe to say the same rules apply watch out for everything n jobs a good one. May sound daft but i've never done a track day in this country n im more nervous bout this than the ring
  13. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    No. A track day is completely different and far more civilised than the Ring as far as I have heard. You will doubtless get a communication from LoT about the day, read it carefully. Also listen to the track briefing on the day.

    Generally on track days, overtaking is prohibited in braking zones and corners and should be by consent between the two drivers to minimise the possibility of contact between cars. If a faster car is behind you, ease off and let it by on the correct side. Equally, if you are the faster car, wait until the car in front is happy that you should go by. At all costs avoid the red mist ;)

    I can't speak for LoT, who are running the Bedford day but MGoT are very particular that these safety rules are obeyed and you will get black flagged for breaking them. Have a read of the track etiquette section in our FAQ section to get a better idea of how the day might be run. http://www.mgs-on-track.com/faq. Better yet, I'm sure LoT will have something similar on their website too.

    Yup, There you go:- http://www.lotus-on-track.com/faq.html
  14. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    You could email Paul to verify you booking (paul@lotus-on-track.com). Instructions etc get emailed approx 5 days before the event.
    The format last year was on arrival have the car sound tested (warm engine). As we trailer the car there is an area where you park up & then unload to get it sound tested. Sign in & have a drivers briefing & wrist tags. Then drive over to the garages/pit lane complex. Garages in the past have not been available for cars but you can put your stuff in them.
    Due to it being an open pit lane day, the first 30 mins or so is for familiarisation, there is a speed limit of 50mph & no overtaking but I don't recall a pace car being used. Then after that you go out and stay out for as long as you like. We normally do about 20mins. Very rarely need to queue in the pit lane, if so its only for a few minutes and it should be better this year with less cars.

  15. JP12

    JP12 Active Member

    Definitely not going to make this track day now. My car is just a shell because I have decided to commence a full rebuild and change the colour. It will be April at the earliest before I am back on track.
  16. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    I have booked for the Bedford session. Not sure if the BGT will be back together in time though; #4 exhaust valve disintegrated at Brands in December and mashed the piston and the alloy head. Rebuild is supposed to be starting next week so fingers crossed!

    Dave P
  17. Martin C

    Martin C Guest

    Hi Dave,
    Happy New Year...................or is it :eek:

    Sorry to hear this, expensive end to the season, can you claim half off the co-driver ;)

    How is the 'K' series Midget coming along? or does this set back put it on hold:confused:

  18. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    Hi Martin,

    Happy New Year to you too.

    I will pass on your sugestion to Alan, I am sure he will appreciate it! Both at Brands and when the gearbox broke at Cadwell park, I was driving so I can't even blame him!

    The engine is being fitted to the Midget at the moment so I should have it back before Bedford. I am not sure how many miles I will need to do before I "track" it but if I keep to the non-extreme engine map it should be OK. I have a keyswitch so I can't change to the 8,000 rpm rev limit when the first Elise blasts past:rolleyes:
  19. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    It will be good to have another K powered midget to 'play with'
  20. fishert

    fishert Active Member

    Why is Bedford not listed on the 2009 event forum?

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