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Discussion in 'Cadwell 15 April 2019' started by NigelS, Mar 20, 2019.

  1. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    Hi all,

    Please post here with the name of the hotel you are staying in the night before and if you want to meet for a pie & pint!
  2. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    The night before........... meet up with fellow drivers for a bite to eat and/or a sociable pint
    Where to stay? Currently there are some drivers already booked into the Admiral Rodney in Horncastle
    It is 6.6 miles to the circuit, 13mins travel time
    Meals are available: Dinner 2 course £25
    There a number of places within walking distance to eat out at
    Rooms - Currently 7 available as I write. There is a breakfast option but they don't start serving until 7:00 so a bit tight I think

    Unfortunately I can't make this track day, one of my locals but having been several times before it's well worth it.

    Moving forwards, I plan to put similar threads up for each track day with a bit more info than above as the idea develops

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