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Accommodation, the night before……….

Discussion in 'Donington Park 5th October 2020' started by SlapHeadDiver, Sep 29, 2020.

  1. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    My apologies just realised I haven't setup this thread, nor Goodwood or Brands. I'll sort the last two out sometime this week but a bit late for Donington :(

    I do know a number of drivers are booked into the Premier Inn at East Midlands Airport on the Sunday night

    I'm only an hour away so travelling over on the day

    See you there

  2. Duncan Wood

    Duncan Wood MGoT Committee Member

    If you're planning to eat at this Premier Inn be aware that the restaurant is not open in the evening but only for breakfast.
    It is possible to order food from the bar that can be taken back to your room to eat.
    The alternative is obviously to drive off site to find a local restaurant or pub, as I'm not sure there is anything else within walking distance.


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