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Accommodation, the night before……….

Discussion in 'Blyton Park 6th July 2020' started by SlapHeadDiver, Jun 5, 2020.

  1. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Are you are looking for some likeminded people to chat and have drink with the night before your track day then consider booking into one of the places below. If you do book then I suggest you make this known by replying to this thread so that others know there are other members staying.

    If you have any recommendations for this or other track days as to other places to stay and eat the night before please let me know

    Hotel name: White Swan, Scotter - Amendment - NOT opening until Mon 6th
    Hotel Address: 9 The Green, Scotter, Gainsborough
    Hotel post code: DN21 3UD
    Hotel webite: https://whiteswanscotter.com/
    Room rates: 78.00
    Restaurant? Yes see below [covid]
    Breakfast: Please check see below [covid]
    Parking: Please check
    Parking for trailers: Please check
    Distance from track: 3 miles
    Travel time to track: 6 mins

    Covid regulations – It maybe they will not be able to provide food, please check. If not then you may have to go to Gainsborough for a takeaway [see below]
    Please note I've not stayed at this venue myself but I know it is favoured by a few members over recent years.

    Hotel name: Travelodge
    Hotel Address: 1a North Street, Gainsborough
    Hotel post code: DN21 2HP
    Hotel webite: https://www.travelodge.co.uk/hotels/644/Gainsborough-hotel?
    Room rates: 29.99 non refundable rate [see below]
    Breakfast: Optional £5.25
    Parking: Free 18:00 to 8:00
    Parking for trailers: Please check
    Distance from track: 12 miles
    Travel time to track: 20 mins
    Places nearby to eat: Town centre

    Covid regulations – It maybe they will not be able to provide food, please check. If not then there are takeaway outlets in the town centre [see below]

    Non-refundable rate – Travelodge T&C’s currently state if you have to cancel a non-refundable booking they will not refund your money but will issue a voucher for the full value of the booking. Please check T&C’s before booking in case this changes.

    Food & drink – It may be necessary to eat out or have a food delivered due to the current restrictions. There are a number of outlets in Gainsborough town centre including Pizza, Indian, Chinese. Drink: I suggest it may be best if you bring something with you

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2020
  2. Dave P

    Dave P Vice-Chairman

    I e-mailed the White Swan earlier in the week, just got this reply:

    Enquiry : Hi, is the hotel planning to be open for the night of 5 July and if so, will you be serving an evening meal and/or a cold breakfast in the room?
    If i book and the Corvid rules change, will there be a refund?

    Good Morning,
    The earliest we are planning to open at the moment would be Monday July 6th. I can confirm that we would be offering room service & have the option of breakfast in the room from that date onward.
    Kind regards,

    The White Swan

    So a day too late!
  3. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Thanks Dave for the update I've amended my posting
  4. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Active Member

    I now have a trailer to go to further afield tracks, such as Blyton. I am all booked up, so of the local hotels, which ones have a car park suitable for tow car and trailer. This will be the deciding factor for me now.
  5. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Hi Andrew, pleased to see you can make it. Despite living 20mins from Gainsborough and Lincoln I don't know the answer but as luck would have it Lynn is going into Gainsborough tomorrow I'll ask/beg her to have a look at the Travelodge and Premier Inn re parking. I'll post what we find out hopefully later tomorrow
  6. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    The Roseway carpark outside the Travelodge is a public carpark marked out for cars. It is pay and display overnite.
  7. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Thanks Peter, is that one Travelodge mention that is FREE from 18:00 to 8:00?
  8. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    Not any more!! Last time I was there in September 2019 it was pay overnite. Unless its changed again.
    Pic from Travelodge of car park.....Spot the ZR!! 20190917_200957_resized.jpg
  9. Peter Macdonald

    Peter Macdonald Active Member

    Maybe its free on a Sunday night???
  10. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Active Member

    If somebody asked that question locally here, I would not immediately know the answer either! Thank Lynn for me, much appreciated.
  11. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Hi, my wife cameback with a name to contact at the council and this was his reply to my email to him. It's good news. Ignore the 16 vans, he mis-read my email re total cars and those likely to be staying overnight.
    Good Afternoon Mark,

    Thank you for your Email, I am certainly able to help & it will be great to have you visit the town. Unfortunately at the request of Travelodge to make the system simpler we have ended the free parking for Travelodge guests & it is now £6.50 for 24 hours I will reiterate this to our customer services staff for their future reference.

    However I now have the good news because of the days & timings you are looking at you will not need to pay for parking. Parking is free all day on a Sunday & before 8am on Monday. We have a limited number of back to back car parking spaces in our Roseway car park so will be difficult to accommodate all 16 vans in this way however I will speak to the enforcement team & tell them to be lenient towards vehicles parked out of bay due to size in this instance as long as you are not causing an obstruction with in the car park.

    If any of your vehicles plan to stay past the 8am point on Monday they will be required to purchase a pay & display ticket for all bays that their vehicle & trailer use. Roseway has a time limit of 4 hours maximum for £2.50 unless you speak to Travelodge who can arrange your £6.50 24hour ticket should you require to stay longer.

    I believe I have covered everything but if you have any more questions please do not hesitate to contact me & West Lindsey DC look forward to having you in the town once the covid-19 restrictions have hopefully been lifted.

    Kind Regards,

    Luke Matthews
    Parking Management Officer
  12. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Active Member

    Hi Mark, I have found this hotel in Scunthorpe, which in Google looks to have a big modern style car park. Not the cheapest hotel but OK. I will give them a call to check if they are happy with a car+trailer. Wortley House Hotel http://www.wortleyhousehotel.co.uk/
  13. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Active Member

    So, if Travelodge are going to be open that night, then we are good to go!
  14. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Active Member

    Hi Mark, Had a look on Google again, and at the Travelodge Roseway car park, and there are some back to back bays, which should work OK. Thanks for the help with the District Council, Andrew
  15. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Travelodge - Just tried 5th July 1 night £30.99 [up £1 from the other day] and got as far as 'Book and checkout' didn't want to any further and end up with a room I don't need. So it looks good to me
    Remember just to chk T&C's but unless they have changed even the 'non-refundable' is refundable under Covid until 30th Dec by of vouchers NOT cash though.
    Wortley - Not taking bookings online as far as I can see having tried. Also it would add to your journey as it's the other side of Blyton whilst Gainsborough is on the way to for you
  16. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Active Member

    Thanks for the info. I will book the Travelodge today! See you at the track. Andrew
  17. John Holt

    John Holt Junior Member

    Ready to go ,have booked into The Black Horse inn located in Blyton
  18. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Hi Andrew, it's not a promise but depending how I am for time the night before.... I may pop over for an hour in the evening for a natter, social distanced of course. I'll touch base on the day to let you know either way.
    And of course any other member who will be in the town centre that evening
  19. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

  20. Richard Gormley

    Richard Gormley Administrator

    Just had an email from Travelodge in Gainsborough cancelling my booking for the 5th - said they are now not open that evening having extended their closure period to include that day!

    Anyone else got a similar problem?

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