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Accommodation, the night before……….

Discussion in 'Mallory Park 25th August 2020' started by SlapHeadDiver, Feb 24, 2020.

  1. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Are you are looking for some likeminded people to chat and have drink with the night before your track day then consider booking into the

    Hotel name: Badgers Mount Hotel

    Hotel Address: 6 Station Road, Elmsthorpe, Leicestershire
    Hotel post code: LE9 7SG

    Hotel webite: https://badgersmount.com/

    Room rates: Fr £72.50 excl B/fast

    Restaurant? Yes

    Breakfast: From 7am

    Parking: Yes

    Parking for trailers: Yes

    Distance from track: 6 miles
    Travel time to track: 11 mins

    I've not stayed at this venue myself but I know one committee member is booked in already and I understand there is parking for trailers.

    I'm fairly local so I’ll be travelling on the day to the track but please let others know if you are stopping over by posting to this thread.

    If you have any recommendations for this or other track days as to places to stay and eat at the night before please let me know
  2. peter m kuruber

    peter m kuruber Junior Member

    A good alternative is the Premier Inn at Leicester Forest East which is about 8 miles from the circuit. Currently available for about £40/45 and I will be staying there probably for 2 nights and will be pleased to have company for dinner.
  3. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Hi Peter
    Thanks for the info, I'll be interested to hear what the accommodation is like, food available and parking arrangements for those with and without trailers
    Look forward to seeing you on the day
    Last edited: Jun 27, 2020
  4. peter m kuruber

    peter m kuruber Junior Member

    Hi Mark,
    The accommodation is usual Prem Inn which is good, there is a pub next door for dinner and breakfast. I stayed there a few years ago and as far as I can remember there is adequate parking, maybe ok for a trailer, but you could phone the hotel to check.
  5. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Thanks Peter
    Perhaps you cld update me when you've been please as we're travelling over on the day
  6. peter m kuruber

    peter m kuruber Junior Member

    Hi Mark,
    Sorry, I don't quite understand what you want me to do! I won't get to the hotel until late afternoon and maybe not before you - have you tried phoning the hotel or Prem Inn customer help?
    If all goes to plan, I'll see you in the pub around 7 pm.
  7. SlapHeadDiver

    SlapHeadDiver Administrator

    Hi Peter
    By 'travelling on the day' I mean we are travelling to Mallory on the track day i.e. not staying over the night before as we only live less than an hour away
  8. John Holt

    John Holt Junior Member

    Hi I am to booked in to Leicester forest east on the 25th look forward to meeting up then
  9. Nick Bmpton

    Nick Bmpton Junior Member

    Hi, I have booked in to Leicester Forest East. John, the night before is Monday 24th, do you need to check your booking? ;)
  10. NigelS

    NigelS Chairman

    And I am booked in for the night of the 24th too. See you there!
  11. John Holt

    John Holt Junior Member

    Hi Nick, bit keen with the message missing part "booked in on the 24th for the 25th "
  12. Nick Bmpton

    Nick Bmpton Junior Member

    Hi John, glad to hear that you will be in the bar on the 24th. You think you were a bit keen, but for you it was just a message. I was right out on a limb, but got the wheels back on the TF last Sunday!!
  13. AndrewSmith56

    AndrewSmith56 Active Member

    Hi, I am booked into the Badgers Mount Hotel for the evening of the 24th. See you there.

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