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Accommodation for Castle Combe

Discussion in 'Castle Combe 12th September 2016' started by Trophy-Steve, Aug 9, 2016.

  1. Trophy-Steve

    Trophy-Steve Senior Member

    Who's booked into the Premier Inn, Chippenham?

    See you there!
  2. headsman46

    headsman46 Active Member

    hi Steve, I will be there, 7.30in the bar? think its your round ha ha :)
  3. Tim Guy

    Tim Guy Senior Member

    I'm there too - without Fran. (Cat's away ;) )
    See you there
  4. mumfordj

    mumfordj MGoT Committee Member

    Count me in - if my car does not break down this time! James
  5. Duncan Wood

    Duncan Wood MGoT Secretary

    Four wheels back on car and fresh MOT today!
    I'll be there on Sunday evening.

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