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Castle Combe report - by Graham Brown

16th June 2011
A track day with MGOT always brings a sense of anticipation and Castle Combe on Monday 13th June was no exception.

I needed an early start, as I live around 90miles away, and Monday dawned with a steady light drizzle, which continued until all but the last few miles from the circuit. I drove with the top down on my MGB taking the weatherman at his word that things would improve. A leaden sky over the circuit initially looked threatening, but apart from a couple of small showers no further problems emerged.

Brands Hatch - 8th December

11th December 2008
The top event of the day was the presentation of a crystal trophy, photograph and individual’s donations to our Chairman, Dave Livingstone. Dave started MGoT five years ago with a few friends as a way of getting on track at a reasonable cost. Since then it has grown to well over 1000 registered members and runs around 12 track days per year - still on a not for profit basis. Dave continues to be the mainstay of MGoT, working tirelessly to develop, its ongoing programme and trying to keep us all under control. Well done Dave - you\'ve brought great pleasure to a lot of MG owners. Every one of us who experience the thrill on track with MGoT has a great deal to thank you for. Thanks to Stu, Dick and Martin for the secret organisation, trophy and photo.

As for the rest of the day; a dry but frosty start had us all pussy footing around the track. Salt had been spread on the track before the first session so after the first few laps of working in, the frost had gone but the track remained somewhat damp and slippy. By the third session set, the track was dry on line, allowing more fun on the corners and getting that much needed heat into the tyres. Attention to braking zone and turn in point was important lest you found yourself drifting off line into decidedly uncertain territory. Nevertheless, only one person found his way onto the beach at the exit of Paddock Hill. Well done all including our first timers for your excellent driving. (Words: Tim Guy - Photo: Martin Charles)

The weather angel returns

25th November 2008
24 members travelled to Oulton Park in Cheshire on Saturday 22nd November for the clubs first visit to this lovely parkland circuit. Blessed with the welcome return of our weather angel, a cold but dry day was enjoyed by all. After the first seesion, purely a sighting session behind pace cars, it was obvious that the following five sessions would offer an exciting and challenging day. With Old Hall, Cascades, Island and Druids to test the nerve with high speed cornering. The technically difficult Shell Oils hairpin, Brittens and Hislop chicanes to master the quickest technique. The rises of Hill Top, Clay Hill and finally Lodge corner into the compression dip and over Deer Leep this circuit offers just about everything!
It was also nice to welcome members of, a web based ZS enthusiats club, who had come along to see what our days are all about. We hopefully have some new members after giving a few passenger rides. One thing is for sure, the lucky few who did this day thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to returning, lets hope we don\'t wait another 5 years. (Words: Martin Charles, Photo: Daniel Featherstone)

Goodwood wash up (literally)

10th November 2008
Glorious Goodwood they call it ! I think we would all struggle to praise it so highly today.. Our faithful weather gods finally turned their back on us and struck out with a vengeance reminding us how lucky we have been in the past 2 years. You couldn’t really call it rain, it was more like \'the tide\' had just come in! Even the Goodwood Marshalls couldn’t remember a day like it. Unfortunately by 2pm we had to concede and admit the weather had finally got the better of us; the safety of all the participants being our primary concern. We’d like to thank all of you for showing great restraint in the adverse conditions and driving impeccably (we only had one small spin), even the Goodwood marshalls were impressed (not an easy thing to do.) Lets hope the weather gods have now been placated and we can continue with our dry record for Oulton park on the 22nd Nov. (Words: Stu Dickens, Photo: Peter Bolser)

Donington - Friday 3rd October

26th October 2008
The shadows on the photo (courtesy of Martin Charles) show another dry and sunny day - this time at Donington. Perhaps the last time we\'ll get to drive this circuit as the plans to redevelop towards an F1 venue take hold before our traditional annual return. Whether we can afford to hire this circuit before Oct 2009 remains to be seen. A lot of people took advantage of the opportunity knowing that these changes were ahead and they were rewarded with a great day on track. I managed to get about 140 track miles in, just about surviving on one tank of fuel for the day!
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