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Brands Hatch GP

18th June 2019

Brands Hatch GP Day - Book Now for Preferential Rate


We have negotiated a fantastic opportunity to join an MSVT sessioned day at Brands Hatch in August on the FULL GP Circuit rather than the Indy circuit which we normally use. This deal is only valid until July 5th when the preferential MGoT price will revert to the MSV price of £319 for the day. If you are planning to go, then book now to avoid the price increase. After July 5th you will need to book via the MSV website  (book into the Steady session).


MGs will be running in their own session but this may be back-filled with the slower or less experienced cars booking directly with MSVT if we do not fill the session. The cost for the day is £290 (£319 after July 5th) with Instruction (£25) and helmets (£15) available to book at the same time. Click HERE for further details and booking.

Bedford Autodrome GT

25th February 2019

Bedford Autodrome GT


After a fantastic day at Goodwood on 23rd February, like many of our fellow MGoT members, I can't wait for our next outing on the GT circuit at Bedford on Monday March 11. There are places available to book and the cost is an amazing £135 for the day. We will be running 20 minute sessions so you should have 2 hours track time (assuming no stoppages). Just to whet your appetite or to see how MGoT days run, have a look at this short video taken at Goodwood.



2019 Calendar Announced

8th December 2018
2019 Calendar Announced
We have made great progress on your behalf, with arranging another brilliant track-day calendar of events for you to enjoy in 2019. To see what this currently looks like (and we are still finalising contracts so there is a possibility that some dates may change) click HERE or view the events list to your right and click on "Event Info" to read more about any event.

Newsletter Signup

4th June 2018

Newsletter Signup


When you register with MGs on Track via the link on this website, you will also be invited to sign-up to receive our monthly e-Newsletter. There is no obligation to sign-up, but we urge you to do so as you will then receive notification when our events are opening for booking.

As a result of the changes to the data regulations, we also invited all registered recipients of our newsletters to re-register such that we then had provenance of the registration process; many of our registered newsletter recipients had been on our mailing list for a very long time and the route through which they initially registered has been lost in the mists of time. If you previously received our Newsletters and did not receive the latest newsletter (sent on May 30th) and you still wish to be kept informed, then please sign back up via this link HERE.

Toyo Tyres Deal for MGoT Members

10th September 2016
Toyo Tyre Deal for MGoT Members
Following recent discussion directly with Toyo Tyres UK, we are pleased to announce that purchases of any tyre in the Toyo range will now be eligible for a 10% discount from list price. This is the same deal that all Toyo-sponsored motorsport series have, so we hope you will find this valuable as an additional benefit of your membership of MGs on Track. There is a specific route to order tyres via one of Toyo's motorsport dealers; e-mail me if you wish to purchase tyres from Toyo and I will connect you with the dealer.
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Upcoming Events

North Weald
Epping, Essex
5th July 2019
Status: Open
Spaces: 1/18
HURRY! 1 space left
Croft-on-Tees, North Yorkshire
12th July 2019
Status: 3rd Party
Brands Hatch GP
Fawkham, Kent
1st August 2019
Status: Open
Spaces: 11/20
Anglesey, North Wales
12th August 2019
Status: Open
Castle Combe
Chippenham, Wiltshire
9th September 2019
Status: Open
Spaces: 14/38
Donington Park
Castle Donington, Derby
7th October 2019
Status: Open
Spaces: 26/38
Goodwood, West Sussex
28th October 2019
Status: Opening Soon
Brands Hatch
Fawkham, Kent
2nd December 2019
Status: Opening Soon

Recent Events

Castle Combe
Chippenham, Wiltshire
24th June 2019
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Blyton Park
3rd June 2019
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Snetterton 300
Norwich, Norfolk
20th May 2019
[ Event Info ]
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