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Planned Event Opening Dates

3rd August 2022

Planned Event Opening Dates


A number of you have asked when various events will be opened for booking, so we thought it would be useful to publish our list of planned opening dates here for everyone to see. Please bear in mind that these may change due to VAT quarters and other unforeseen issues.


Donington Park - 17th August [revised, apologies for the extended delay]


Goodwood - 7th September


Brands or Bedford - To be confirmed, we are still waiting on MSV to confirm a date


All of these will be confirmed by a Newsletter a couple of days before the planned opening date.



Castle Combe Photos

22nd June 2022

Photos from Castle Combe


Photos from the MGoT day at Castle Combe on 20th June are now all online. As usual with Jims' website, photos are linked to your registration number, or car colour.


The link to the albums is here:






Silverstone Photos

11th April 2022

Silverstone Photos

Photos from the MGoT day at Silverstone on 19th March are now all online. 



The link to the albums is from this page here:


Silverstone Pictures











Goodwood Photos

13th March 2022

Photos from Goodwood


Photos from the MGoT day at Goodwood on 25th October are now all online. The album is password protected so please fill in our contact form HERE if you are a member of MGs on Track and would like access to the pictures.


The link to the albums is from this page here:


Goodwood Photos



2022 Outline Dates

18th November 2021

2022 Calendar



We have almost finished confirming dates for 2022 so those shown below are firm where indicated, with the dates at MSV circuits subject to final contract. 


We are still working on suitable dates for activity days at North Weald. These will be announced as and when we receive them.



Goodwood                                     Sat 19th Feb - FIRM

Silverstone                                     Mon 21st March - FIRM

Cadwell Park                                   Mon 25th April FIRM

Snetterton                                      Mon 16th May FIRM

Castle Combe                                 Mon 20th June FIRM

Mallory Park                                   Thurs 30th June - FIRM

Blyton Park                                     Mon 18th July FIRM

Anglesey                                        Mon 8th Aug FIRM

Castle Combe                                 Mon 5th Sept FIRM

Donington Park                               Mon 3rd Oct FIRM

Goodwood                                     Mon 24th Oct - FIRM

Brands Hatch                                  Mon 5th Dec




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Upcoming Events

Anglesey, North Wales
8th August 2022
Status: In progress!
Castle Combe
Chippenham, Wiltshire
5th September 2022
Status: Open
Donington Park
Castle Donington, Derby
3rd October 2022
Status: Opening Soon
Goodwood, West Sussex
24th October 2022
Status: Opening Soon

Recent Events.

Blyton Park
18th July 2022
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Mallory Park
Kirkby Mallory, Leicester
30th June 2022
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Castle Combe
Chippenham, Wiltshire
20th June 2022
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