Event Information

Event Date: 7th July 2017
Venue: North Weald
Event Location: Epping, Essex
Noise Limits: 105 db
Status: Completed


Sign On Time: 08:15 am
Briefing Time: 08:30 am
Track Start Time: 09:00 am
Track End Time: 04:00 pm
* Above track time is subject to a lunch break & conditions on the day.

Additional Information

This is not a track day but a Starter Experience - an event for you tohave fun in your car, increase your driving skills, gain confidence inboth your own and your carís abilities and meet other like-minded MGowners.It is designed for absolute beginners or novice track day drivers whowish to gain confidence before venturing onto a race circuit. It allowsyou to explore your carís handling in a safe environment and to gainconfidence under the watchful eye of a performance driving instructor.Numbers are limited to just 23 cars and only one car is active on eachexercise at a time, minimising any risk to car or driver.
Unlike previous years there is now a static nouse restriction of105dB (which is pretty loud) measured at 75% full revs at 0.5m from thetailpipe. All cars will be tested before being allowed to take part. Ifyour car is used as a road car, it will almost certainly not have anyproblems passing but if you are in doubt, please contact Dave Pearce - DaveP@MGs-on-Track.co.uk. .
After a group introduction and explanation of the day ahead, we beginwith the high-speed bend activity. This mimics the situation of suddenly arriving at a bend when you are going too fast, the idea being to getaround it under control and without spinning! Of course, being able toexperience car control on a huge patch of tarmac is part of the fun andthe experience. The instructor will encourage you to approach the bendfaster and faster until you do reach this limit Ė he will then explainwhat to do to avoid the spin and you can go out and try it for yourself.Once everyone has made some progress with this the day moves on to twoconed circuits providing an opportunity to try out your new found skills and explore the capabilities of your car.All of this is great fun, but of course is designed to give you theconfidence to come away from the day with new skills and book your first track day.It is therefore intended for TRACK DAY FIRST TIME & NOVICE DRIVERS ONLY.No experience is required. No helmets are required. Just you and your car. For further information, please email Dave Pearce DaveP@MGs-on-Track.co.uk 
The MGCC member price will only be given if you have entered your membership number in your website profileHERE BEFORE booking your place. 

Who's going

Driver Car
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2002 MG TF (135 bhp) - Black
1994 MG RV8 (200 bhp) - BRG
1963 MG B (110 bhp) - BRG
2003 MG TF (160 bhp) - Black
1969 MG C Roadster (145 bhp) - Pale Primrose Yellow
1999 MG F (143 bhp) - Black
1967 MG B GT V8 (180 bhp) - Blue
2009 MG TF LE500 (135 bhp) - Red
1993 MG RV8 (250 bhp) - British Racing Green
1994 MG RV8 (190 bhp) - Woodcoat Green
1976 MG B (100 bhp) - Ice Blue
2001 MG F Trophy 160 (160 bhp) - Yellow
2004 MG TF (135 bhp) - Trophy Blue
2004 MG TF 160 (160 bhp) - Trophy Blue
2001 MG ZR 160 (160 bhp) - Trophy Yellow
1978 MG B Roadster (100 bhp) - Green
1998 MG F VVC (145 bhp) - Platinum Silver
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2009 (136 bhp) - Ice White Pearlescent
1969 MG Midget (65 bhp) - Red
1980 MG B LE (100 bhp) - BRONZE
1969 MG B GT V8 (250 bhp) - Green
1970 MG B (100 bhp) - Red

Event Manager

David Pearce


07976 796213

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