Event Information

Event Date: 12th August 2019
Venue: Anglesey
Event Location: Anglesey, North Wales - [ View Map ]
Noise Limits: 105 db
Status: Completed


Sign On Time: 07:30 am
Briefing Time: 08:30 am
Track Start Time: 09:00 am
Track End Time: 05:00 pm
* Above track time is subject to a lunch break & conditions on the day.

Additional Information

Building on the very enjoyable days at Anglesey over the last three years, we have again purchased one full session at the Lotus 7 Club day there. We will have one dedicated MG session of 20 mins each hour running 20 cars so it will be be mixed ability. We expect each car to have over 2 hours of track time during the day assuming no serious stoppages. The morning session will run on the Coastal Circuit whilst the afternoon session will be on the International circuit.


Whilst we are confident that the day will run along similar lines to normal MGoT days, we are not the prime organiser and so cannot guarantee everything will be the same as usual. However, there will be several MGoT committee members participating and Dave Pearce will be the MGoT representative on the day. Please address any questions to Dave Pearce at DaveP@MGs-on-Track.com



We encourage all drivers to take the opportunity of instruction with Association of Racing Drivers Schools (ARDS) Grade A qualified instructors. We strongly advise all levels of experience to take advantage of these, but it is especially beneficial for first time and novice drivers. Book and pay at the same time you book your place. Please note we are unable to provide more than two instruction sessions per car and it is not available in cars not fitted with seatbelts. Any additional booked will be cancelled. We regret that there is no 3 session afternoon coaching available at this event.

Feel free to book either or both morning (Coastal) instruction and afternoon (International) instruction.


Helmet Hire

We have helmets available to hire on a first come, first served basis and these can be booked online at the same time as you book your place.


Second Drivers

You can book to bring along a second driver but we can only allow one additional driver per car. The second driver must sit as passenger during the sighting laps and then perform his own sighting laps at a lower speed during his first session on track. If your second driver's experience is significantly different to your own, please discuss this with Dave Pearce at DaveP@MGs-on-Track.com.



Passengers are free, bring as many as you like but only one in a car at a time. Please either enter their names when you book or email the event manager to let him know. 


Details about the day 

We will email an event guide with final instructions about a week before the event. Please read it carefully when it arrives. The event guide will also be posted in the Pit Lane forum. This day is open to MGs and compatible marques. Please contact Dave Pearce to ensure your non MG is considered compatible. We reserve the right to cancel non compatibles. Because it is a single session all cars must be registered and road legal. You must also bring your full driving license to the sign-on or you may not be allowed on track.


Booking is only through this website.

You need to be logged in in to the website to see the 'Book and Pay' button.  Use this to make a secure, online payment to guarantee your place and extras. Debit and Credit Cards are the only form of payment methods we are able to accept.


The MGCC member price will only be given if you have entered your membership number in your website profile HERE BEFORE booking your place. We cannot give retrospective refunds for this.   


Who's going

Driver Car
Log in to see driver names 2003 MG TF 160 (160 bhp) - Blue
1963 MG B (110 bhp) - BRG
2002 MG TF 160 Sprint (176 bhp) - Silver
1998 MG F VVC (180 bhp) - Flame Red
2003 MG TF 160 Sprint (170 bhp) - Trophy Blue
1966 MG B GT (112 bhp) - Black
1973 MG B Roadster (125 bhp) - red
1972 MG Midget (95 bhp) - Harvest Gold
2003 MG TF 160 (160 bhp) - Le Mans Green
1964 MG B Roadster (115 bhp) - RED
2002 MG ZR (120 bhp) - blue
2001 MG F Trophy 160 (160 bhp) - Trophy Yellow
1980 MG V8 B Roadster (240 bhp) - Blue
1972 MG B GT (120 bhp) - Teal BLUE
1973 MG Midget (109 bhp) - Damask
1974 MG B GT (95 bhp) - Black
1975 MG B Roadster V8 (220 bhp) - Atlantic Blue
1972 MG B GT (200 bhp) - RED
1995 MG RV8 (190 bhp) - Nightfire Red
2002 MG TF (150 bhp) - Trophy Blue

Event Manager

David Pearce


07976 796213

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