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18/07/2008 10:53:57
No damage done except pride.Top coolant hose came off and swamped engine bay which took ages to clean once I got home.75 miles baking the antifreeze onto metal,urg! The only spring type OEM hose clip I had not replaced with a jubillee clip.Was not happy with myself.When steam blew out of bonnet openings as I quickly turned off ign; I glanced at temp; gauge and still at 90 so ok,thank god. All being well see you all in Sept:
18/07/2008 13:10:16
Thanks for the update...We were all a little concerned seeing all that steam billowing out from behind the scrutineering bay and then seeing it was coming from your SV:eek: Hope to see you in September Stu:)
18/07/2008 15:49:08
Tim Guy
That's great news. Glad you caught it in time Tim.
19/07/2008 12:19:05
Ah, news at last :) Glad to hear all is still well, I expect it was quite worrying seeing all that steam coming out the grilles :eek: the smell must have been choice!
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