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Goodwood wash up (literally)

10th November 2008
Glorious Goodwood they call it ! I think we would all struggle to praise it so highly today.. Our faithful weather gods finally turned their back on us and struck out with a vengeance reminding us how lucky we have been in the past 2 years. You couldn’t really call it rain, it was more like \'the tide\' had just come in! Even the Goodwood Marshalls couldn’t remember a day like it. Unfortunately by 2pm we had to concede and admit the weather had finally got the better of us; the safety of all the participants being our primary concern. We’d like to thank all of you for showing great restraint in the adverse conditions and driving impeccably (we only had one small spin), even the Goodwood marshalls were impressed (not an easy thing to do.) Lets hope the weather gods have now been placated and we can continue with our dry record for Oulton park on the 22nd Nov. (Words: Stu Dickens, Photo: Peter Bolser)

Donington - Friday 3rd October

26th October 2008
The shadows on the photo (courtesy of Martin Charles) show another dry and sunny day - this time at Donington. Perhaps the last time we\'ll get to drive this circuit as the plans to redevelop towards an F1 venue take hold before our traditional annual return. Whether we can afford to hire this circuit before Oct 2009 remains to be seen. A lot of people took advantage of the opportunity knowing that these changes were ahead and they were rewarded with a great day on track. I managed to get about 140 track miles in, just about surviving on one tank of fuel for the day!

Castle Combe - Monday 8th September

9th September 2008
What a great day - lot\'s of friendly people and a well deserved respite from the rain. Someone even remarked that they\'d seen some blue sky! Three sessions were dedicated to the MG Car Club Registers - Midget, MGB and V8 - and a fourth was a mixture of MGs including three ZT260s and an SV. Martin Charles took loads of photos - click here. Martin\'s always happy to provide high resolution images to those that ask him. You can reach him with a private message (pm) to Forest Boy (his username).

Croft - Sat 16th August

22nd August 2008
A long journey up to North Yorkshire for many of us but well worth it to drive the Croft circuit which is a good mixture of full power flowing curves and those that require somewhat more braking before being brave enough to turn the wheel. It was a three session day, one Midget, one for the rest of us MGs and one for our MX5 friends, each having a full two hours of track time. There was plenty of space on track with only 15 cars per session but also helped by the impeccable on track courtesy, allowing faster cars safely by. The day ran with no red flags and perfectly to time under the control of Pete Smith, the manager for the day. Oh – the weather - Despite the forecast showing a 60% chance of rain, it stayed dry with even some nice warm sunny spells. Thanks to Trevor for posting hi (wife\'s) photos in the gallery.

Brands and Castle Combe

22nd July 2008
I\'ve been really lazy in not keeping you posted on recent events - the news below is dated May! Here we are in July and the summer (is it summer?) is almost half-way through. Well despite the wind and rain we still somehow managed a glorious evening at Brands Hatch on the Indy circuit on 17th June. Everyone seemed to have a great time - so much so that no-one took any photos! The gallery for Castle Combe is heaving though, thanks to stalwart Martin Charles and one or two others. Again the weather was kind to us with a dry day around this fast sweeping circuit. Photos here and post event chat here.
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